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  1. (Refer a Friend) How can I redeem the FREE PLUS weeks, the Amazon Fire Stick and the Samsung TV?

  2. (Refer a Friend) How can my friends redeem their trial?

  3. (Refer a Friend) How do I sign up for Refer a Friend programme?

  4. (Refer a Friend) How does the Refer a Friend offer work

  5. (Refer a Friend) How is one point calculated and how do I earn one point?

  6. (Refer a Friend) I referred a friend through my mobile device and I haven’t received one week free PLUS subscription. How do I receive my one week free PLUS subscription?

  7. (Refer a Friend) My friend has already had a TVPlayer trial before - can he/she or still receive the 30 day FREE trial?

  8. (Refer a Friend) What if multiple people refer the same person?

  9. (Refer a Friend) Who can participate in the Refer a Friend programme?

  10. 3 Months EE

  11. Amazon Fire TV: Account BUG In-App Receipt

  12. BBC Channels on Android and iOS

  13. Box Office - Accidental Purchase on TVP:

  14. box office error - specify device details

  15. Can I buy more than 10 hours of recording?

  16. Can I increase the number of recording hours I have for my subscription?

  17. Can I record if I am on the monthly PLUS trial?

  18. Can I share my TVPlayer account with Friends and Family?

  19. Can I Use 4G To Watch TVPlayer?

  20. Can I use any other TV subscription to view ITV Box Office event on TVPlayer?

  21. Can I use my TVPlayer subscription to view the ITV Box Office fight on TV Platforms

  22. Can I watch ITV Box Office on TVPlayer outside of the UK?

  23. Can I watch my recordings when I am outside the UK?

  24. Cancel Subscription or Trial (WEBSITE)

  25. Cancel Subscription or Trial for Android (Google)

  26. Cancellation Policy

  27. Cannot play video

  28. Channel Availability By Device

  29. Channel Out of Sync/Delay/Latency

  30. Chromecast

  31. Compatible Versions

  32. Declined Payment: Blocked Card

  33. Declined Payment: Insufficient funds

  34. Declined transaction upon signup

  35. Do I have a limited number of recordings or a limited time for recording?

  36. Do I have to enter my debit/credit card in order to use my TVPlayer Corporate Gift Card?

  37. Do I Need a TV Licence?

  38. Do TVPlayer Corporate Gift Cards expire?

  39. Does the price of £16.95 for Live streaming the ITV Box Office Events include access to TVPlayer Plus?

  40. Does the £16.95 price include all the Pay Per View Box Office events?

  41. Ending Free Trial to watch Eurosport, W, Gold, Alibi, Eden, Good Food

  42. Enter Your Postcode To Watch ITV

  43. For how long am I going to have access to the recording?

  44. Freesat: Channels availability

  45. Freesat: Coupon code not applied

  46. Freesat: How can I skip the Trial?

  47. Freesat: Is the SEARCH feature available on Freesat box

  48. Freesat: Is there a minimum broadband connection speed to use the TVPlayer service on Freesat?

  49. Freesat: On which platform can the Freesat credentials be used?

  50. Freesat: Subscription cancellation

  51. Freesat: What should I do if I am experiencing problems with the video playback, eg. Buffering, loss of picture, etc.

  52. Freesat: Where can I register and pay for the TVPlayer subscription?

  53. Freesat: Where can I watch the channels on Freesat?

  54. Freeview Channel 241

  55. Hayemaker Ringstar competition - T&Cs

  56. High Definition/HD Quality channels

  57. How do i get the fight (on TVP)

  58. How do I purchase ITV Box Office on TVPlayer?

  59. How do I Redeem my TVPlayer Corporate Gift Card?

  60. How do I unsubscribe?

  61. How do I watch ITV Box Office on TVPlayer?

  62. How do I watch on Sky?

  63. How do I watch the PPV Box Office events on Freesat?

  64. How fast does my internet need to be?

  65. How many devices can I watch ITV Box Office on?

  66. I've been billed when 2 months should have been free

  67. In-App Purchase - PLUS channels not available

  68. In-App Subscription Cancellation - Amazon

  69. In-App Subscription Cancellation - Android

  70. In-App Subscription cancellation - AppleTV4

  71. In-App Subscription Cancellation and Refund - iOS

  72. iPhone/iPad: Adjust Volume Up & Down

  73. iPhone/iPad: Airplay/ Apple TV

  74. iPhone/iPad: Check Version Number

  75. iPhone/iPad: Clear/Delete Data

  76. iPhone/iPad: Compatible iOS Versions & Devices

  77. iPhone/iPad: Delete & Reinstall App

  78. iPhone/iPad: Device is Muted/No Sound

  79. iPhone/iPad: Force Close/Kill App

  80. iPhone/iPad: How To/ Tips: Packs & Channels

  81. iPhone/iPad: iOS 4 & iOS 5

  82. iPhone/iPad: iPad/Tablet Version

  83. iPhone/iPad: Low Quality Video Streams

  84. iPhone/iPad: Missing Pack Images or Logos

  85. iPhone/iPad: Reboot/Restart Device

  86. iPhone/iPad: Sound/Audio Only; No Video

  87. iPhone/iPad: Streaming/Connection Problems

  88. iPhone/iPad: Tooltips/ How To

  89. iPhone/iPad: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Vimeo

  90. iPhone/iPad: Update/Upgrade to iOS 7 From iTunes

  91. iPhone/iPad: Update/Upgrade to iOS 7 Wirelessly From Device

  92. iPhone/iPad: What are Packs?

  93. Is ITV Box Office available in HD?

  94. Is ITV Box Office available On Demand?

  95. Is the recording functionality part of my active current subscription or do I need to pay extra?

  96. Is there a backup of the recordings I make?

  97. ITV BO Platforms

  98. ITV Box Office Refund Policy

  99. ITV Box Office: Refunds due to incorrect purchase

  100. ITV BOX OFFICE: Refunds due to incorrect purchase

  101. ITV Box Office: Service / Platform QSN

  102. June PPV refunds

  103. Low Quality Video Streams

  104. May billing issue

  105. MTV, Comedy Central and Nick on EE TV

  106. Problems with Safari browser

  107. Restoring In-App Subscription - iOS

  108. Roku: Channels availability

  109. Samsung TV: Channels availability

  110. Streaming/Connection Problems

  111. Terminate Account - Annual plan upgrade

  112. TV Compatibility

  113. TV Sticks and Smart TVs availability

  114. UKTV Channels on Connected TVs

  115. Updating Billing Details

  116. Use Outside of UK / Abroad

  117. What are the devices and the platforms I can watch the free channels with no ads?

  118. What can I do if the recording has issues?

  119. What devices can I use to watch ITV Box Office on TVPlayer?

  120. What devices can I use to watch TVPlayer?

  121. What do I do if my TVPlayer Corporate Gift Card doesn’t work?

  122. What do I get as part of my TVPlayer Corporate Gift Card?

  123. What is ITV Box Office?

  124. What is Streaming?

  125. What is the discount for TVPlayer Annual membership?

  126. What is the price for watching the ITV Box Office Live Events on

  127. What Stream (Video) Quality Does TVPlayer Use?

  128. Where are my recordings going to be saved?

  129. Where can I find a recording that wasn’t saved in my account under recordings?

  130. Where Can I Watch TVP?

  131. Where can I watch TVPlayer?

  132. Which channels / programmes I can record?

  133. Why are some channels marked as offline?

  134. Why are you still trying to take money from my account if I cancelled my monthly payment?

  135. Why Can't I Watch Some Programmes?

  136. Why does TVP have adverts?

  137. Wi-Fi Only Channels

  138. Will My Network Charge Me For Data?

  139. Windows 10: Which are the Windows 10 devices where I can watch TVPlayer's programmes?

  140. Windows 10: Which channels can I watch?

  141. Xbox: Channels availability

  142. £1 charge - Free trial

  143. £59.99 Annual Plan Subscription

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