iPhone/iPad: Tooltips/ How To

The App has built in help tips which appear the first time you use each page of the app. 

These tips indicate how to:
  • PACKS PAGE: scroll left and right on images to see other Channel packs
  • PACKS PAGE: the channel logos scroll from side to side and are click to play
  • CHANNELS PAGE: Tap on a logo or an image to play the channel
  • CHANNELS PAGE: Click on a program title or time to show the description for the show on now
  • IN PLAYER: Click Channels to show channel list to see what is on elsewhere, or change the channel
  • IN PLAYER: Click (i) to see the description of what is on now and what is on next
If you missed the tips or just want to see them again, you reset them by:

  1. Open TVPlayer
  2. Click the Cog at the top right
  3. Select Settings
  4. Click RESET besides Reset Help Tips
  5. Tap ok
  6. Now next time you load the app or play a channel, the help tips will reappear

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