iPhone/iPad: Missing Pack Images or Logos

If you have any missing pack images or channel logos please try the following:

  1. Please check that you are connected to the internet, see Article: APPLE: Streaming/Connection Problems. If this doesn't work, try (2)
  2. Clear all data from the app and reload it 
  • Tap the Cog at the top right of the TVP app
  • Click Settings
  • Select Clear next to clear cached data
  • Click OK to confirm deleting data
  • Click Done
  • Drag downwards on the channels page to refresh and load new data
      3. Close and re open the app, see Article: APPLE: Force Close/Kill App. If this doesn't work, try (4)
      4. Delete and reinstall the app, see Article: APPLE: Delete & Reinstall App.

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