Can I use my TVPlayer subscription to view the ITV Box Office fight on TV Platforms

Unfortunately TVPlayer customers are not able to access the ITV Box Office event on alternate merchant platforms: Sky, Virgin, Freeview etc


Sky, Virgin and Freeview are separate merchants partnering up with ITV for this Box Office event and therefore are independently operating on their own subscription platform separate to the TVPlayer Online platforms.



During signup to the ITV Box Office Event on TVPlayer you have to access the following webpage:

On this web page beneath the ITV Box Office Banner (advertising the event) we clearly state in Red Font:

This payment does NOT allow access to this event through any alternative TV or streaming service e.g. Sky, Virgin TV etc.

We further clearly clarify a list of Compatible Device which i re-list for you below
Amazon Fire
Apple TV, iPhone & iPad
Android Mobile & Tablet
Windows 10 Phones & Surface

Xbox One, EE TV, Samsung Tizen 2016 & Roku



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