Enter Your Postcode To Watch ITV

Watching ITV channels including ITV, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 ITV Be and CITV is free, but you must provide your postcode so we can show you the right regional version of the channel.

When you try to watch an ITV channel, you should be prompted to enter your postcode. We will remember your postcode, so you should only need to enter it once.

If you cannot enter your postcode or need to change it, please do this via our website:

Steps To Enter Your Postcode

1. Log in to your TVPlayer account at https://www.tvplayer.com/

2. Go to the 'Account Details' page in 'My Account'

3. Fill in your Postcode (see image below)

4. Click on 'Update Account Details' to save the changes

Your postcode should then be saved and you can watch any ITV channel on any device.


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