Why can I not watch certain channels like Alibi / Gold / Watch

Alibi, Gold, Good Food, Watch, Dave, Dave Ja Vu, Really, Drama, Yesterday and Yesterday +1 are channels part of the UKTV suite of channels.

These channels are available on the Website (www.tvplayer.com) and the TVPlayer Apps however are not available as of yet on the TVPlayer Applications for TV-Platforms i.e. Apple TV and Fire TV and Android TV.This is due to broadcast and legislation rights.

We are working hard to get these channels available across all platforms that are supported by the TVPlayer App.

The following link (https://tvplayer.com/channel-availability) will take you to the relevant TVPlayer web page which will inform:

• What channels are not available on TVPlayer for certain platform devices
• What programs on certain channels have content restrictions applied to them

For more details or questions please Contact support on support.tvplayer.com page (right hand side).

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