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Knowledge Base

  1. Account settings 

    1. In-App Purchase - PLUS channels not available
  2. Amazon Fire Help 

    1. Amazon Fire TV: Account BUG In-App Receipt
  3. Bills and payments 

    1. Why are you still trying to take money from my account if I cancelled my monthly payment?
    2. Do I Need a TV Licence?
    3. Updating Billing Details
    4. Declined Payment: Blocked Card
    5. Declined Payment: Insufficient funds

    1. IMPORTANT price change starting January 2017
  5. Refer a Friend programme 

    1. (Refer a Friend) How do I sign up for Refer a Friend programme?
    2. (Refer a Friend) Who can participate in the Refer a Friend programme?
    3. (Refer a Friend) How does the Refer a Friend offer work
    4. (Refer a Friend) How can I redeem the FREE PLUS weeks, the Amazon Fire Stick and the Samsung TV?
    5. (Refer a Friend) How is one point calculated and how do I earn one point?
  6. Site Content and Devices 

    1. Channel availability on TVPlayer for all 6 platforms
    2. What devices can I use to watch TVPlayer?
    3. Why can I not watch certain channels like Alibi / Gold / Watch
    4. Viacom Channels availability on TVPlayer for EE TV
  7. Subscriptions and Trials 

    1. Cancel Subscription or Trial (WEBSITE)
    2. In-App Subscription Cancellation - iOS
    3. In-App Subscription Cancellation - Android
    4. Ending Free Trial to watch Eurosport
    5. £1 charge - Free trial
  8. iPhone/iPad Help 

    1. iPhone/iPad: Streaming/Connection Problems
    2. iPhone/iPad: Compatible iOS Versions & Devices
    3. iPhone/iPad: Check Version Number
    4. iPhone/iPad: Sound/Audio Only; No Video
    5. iPhone/iPad: Force Close/Kill App
  9. Android Help 

    1. ANDROID: Streaming/Connection Problems
    2. ANDROID: Compatible Versions
    3. ANDROID: Low Quality Video Streams
    4. ANDROID: Chromecast
    5. ANDROID: Cannot play video
  10. Top Questions 

    1. Which devices are supported?
    2. Freeview Channel 241
  11. All articles 

    1. What Stream (Video) Quality Does TVPlayer Use?
    2. Why are some channels marked as offline?
    3. Will My Network Charge Me For Data?
    4. Can I Use 4G To Watch TVPlayer?
    5. iPhone/iPad: Streaming/Connection Problems
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